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Who are we?

You might have already heard about “What? Where? When?” (in Russian: “Chto? Gde? Kogda?”), an intellectual game that first appeared as a TV show in the USSR in 1975 and has been popular ever since, particularly attracting intellectuals from universities and business. The show provided the idea of a game that has grown into a worldwide movement with clubs in big cities. The rules are simple: during a one minute mindstorm discussion each team (which consists of six players) has to find an answer to a question asked by the Master (the host of the game). The question tests the team’s capacity, using its members’ expertise in all imaginable fields of human knowledge, to find logical connections between diverse data and to communicate effectively in order to find a logical answer. On the TV there is only one team playing, while in clubs there are many teams competing at the same time.

The game is extremely popular among Russian-speakers and is held in high esteem. Today there are more than 150 clubs all around the world uniting about 200 000 people. There is little doubt that your eventual Russian-speaking collaborators or partners will gladly share with you their own impressions of the game.

ChGK club of Geneva

Last year Azamat Rakhimov founded in Geneva the first ever ChGK club in Switzerland which today consists of 20 teams (approx. 100 people). Tournaments take place once a month at the rooms of the University of Geneva, with Azamat performing the Master’s role. He also successfully lead the Swiss ChGK team to victory as captain and player during a special game in Monaco where our club had been invited in June 2015. The following video will help you to get a better idea of what the game and its spirit look like:

During our regular tournaments in Geneva we wear more casual outfits (unlike those you have seen in the video) but that does not affect the game’s intellectual voltage. The Club teams represent the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne, the EPFL, the World Economic Forum, the CERN, the United Nations and many other organizations. All games are held in Russian. You can learn more about the Club here (in Russian)

What is your interest?

If you have business interests in the Russian-speaking community in Geneva, you might consider the possibility of sponsoring the Club in exchange of different types of visibility. We will be glad to discuss the possibilities of a ponctual or a long-term partnership with our Club. We believe that by supporting the Club of Intellectual Games in Geneva you could definitely add a valuable asset to the list of the projects that already benefit from your help.